Bonus Snow Day Assignment:

               Simulate Stanley Miller's Primordial Soup Experiment!

To get credit, you will need to do a number of different simulations, make predictions (hypotheses),  
AND record the results. (Did nothing happen?  Did you blow up your lab?  Did you produce any
amino acids?)

You will also need to reflect upon the results afterwards.  What patterns did you notice?  What
seemed to cause the lab to explode?  What seemed to make amino acids (if anything?)

Remember that Stanley Miller originally assumed the Earth's early atmosphere was made of
Methane, Ammonia, Hydrogen, and Water Vapor.  We now have evidence that the early Earth
Atmosphere was mainly Nitrogen and Carbon Dioxide.

             The experiment simulation uses the chemical formulas for the different gases:
                  N2 = Nitrogen    CO2 = Carbon Dioxide    O2 = Oxygen   H2 = Hydrogen
                                            CH4 = Methane     NH3 = Ammonia

Recording Table
Gases to be tested
Hypothesis (what do you
predict will happen BEFORE
Results (no amino acids were
formed, amino acids were
formed, lab blew up)
Reflection and Analysis Space:
Prompts:  1) What patterns did you notice (focus upon what you used and what you
                    produced or didn't produce)

               2) What seemed to make the lab explode?

               3) What seemed to make amino acids? (if you were successful)

               4) How many different ways did you make amino acids? (if any)

               5) What conclusions can you make about the Primordial Soup Hypothesis based
                   upon these simulated experiment results?

              6) What else would you like to report about this simulated experiment?