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Week of February 23-27, 2009

This week we will have the Probability
Carnival.  Monday and Tuesday will be about
preparation for the Carnival.  The Carnival
will actually take place on Wednesday
instead of Thursday, because this Thursday
will be a Science Long Block.  Friday will be
devoted to drafting the writeup of the
carnival and the write ups will be due
Monday, March 2nd.

Monday: In class, complete graphing theoretical
probability vs. experimental probability.  Discuss how
we can predict results of our games.
Homework:  Predict results of games if played 20
times, 50 times and 100 times.  This will require a
calculation of theoretical probability for games.

Tuesday:  Preparation for Carnival on Wednesday

Homework:  Have your game ready for playing on

Wednesday:  Play our games and collect our data

Homework: Due Friday:  First draft of report on
Probability Carnival

Friday:  To be announced
Week of February 23-27, 2009

These links will be helpful this week
After finishing up our writeups on the Trigathalon Monday
nights (Due Tuesday) we will learn about probability.

Here is the week's schedule of topics and homework.  At the
bottom are some general notes about what we are doing and
some examples of how to calculate probabilities.

Monday:  In class--Go over quizzes from Friday before
break.  Review Trigathalon data and begin writing our
Homework:  Complete writeups to turn in on Tuesday
Write-up Checklist
Alternate version if the one above doesn't open up

Tuesday:  Turn in Trigathalon write-ups.
Calculating simple probabilities of something happening and
probabilities of something not happening.
Homework: Simple Probability Practice

Wednesday:  Compound probabilities  "Unions" and
"Intersections" of Independent Events
Homework: Compound Probability Practice  

Intersections and Unions of Independent Events and
introduction of Probability Carnival.
Homework:  Brainstorm (and write down brainstorms) for
games of chance for the
probability carnival

Probability Overview: We'll start by learning about simple
and compound probability.  Then we'll learn how to calculate
"Independent Unions" (either/or probabilities) and
"Intersections" ("and" probabilities) as well as "Dependent
probabilities (where the first outcome effects later outcomes).  

Example of Independent Union:  Chance of getting a 6 on a
roll of the dice OR a heads on a flip of a coin.  ADD the
probabilities to get the Union of probabilities:  1/6 + 1/2 = 1/6
+ 3/6 = 4/6 = 2/3 probability of getting at least one of these

Example of an Independent Intersection:  Chance of getting a
6 on a roll of the dice AND heads on a flip of the coin.  
MULTIPLY the probabilities to get the Intersection:  1/6 x 1/2 =
1/12 probability of getting both of these outcomes.  Both of
these examples involved situations where the two events had
no effect upon each other.  

Dependent events do effect each other.  Remember that
"Unions" are ADDED probabilities and "Intersections" are
MULTIPLIED probabilities.    

Example of a Dependent Intersection:  The probability of
drawing a king and then a queen from a deck of cards.  
There are 4 kings out of 52 cards, which reduces to 1/13
probability.  If the first card is a King, then there are now 4
queens out of 51 cards!  Notice that the deck changed.  
Multiply your probabilities:  1/13 x 4/51 = 4/663 chance of
pulling a king and then a queen!  Not a very good probability!
Week of February 9-13, 2009

This week is preparation for the Probability
Carnival, which will take place the Thursday
after February Break.   

Make sure to take a look at the tutorials here
on Probability, Permutations and

Monday:  Permutations (order matters) and
Factorials (4! = 4 x 3 x 2 x 1)
HW: Permutations Practice from Edhelper
(Alternate copy of homework if you have lost
Bonus: Factorial Practice

Permutation Algorithm:

       (n - r)!

where n = number of items in a set
and r = number of items to be selected

Tuesday:  Combinations (order doesn't matter!)
       r! (n-r)!

Combinations Practice

Wednesday:  Probability Carnival Planning
Using Combinations and Permutations in
Probability (Dependent Events)

Probability Carnival Game Proposal

Thursday:  More Probability Carnival Planning
Making Sure our games are Games of Chance
and not of skill

Testing the predictive powers of probability:  
Theoretical vs. Experimental Probability

Friday:  Quiz on Factorials, Calculating
Probability, Permutations and

Review of Probability Concepts and
Permutations and Combinations
Probability Carnival Games will be Thursday,
February 26th!!!
Week of February 9-13, 2009

Bonus HW Opportunities

This week we will extend Ratios and Proportions to
the special ratios of sides of right triangles.  
Students will calculate the height of the school and
other distances using tangent ratios, protractors,
straws and meter sticks.

Make sure you take a look at these tutorials on
trigonometry and finding missing sides:

Monday:  Review of Ratios and Proportions
In Class: Finding Tangents, Sines and Cosines of angles
    Tangent = Opposite over Adjacent
    Sine = Opposite over Hypotenuse
    Cosine = Adjacent over Hypotenuse
Homework:  Practice with Tangents:  Amoeba Packet on
Trigonometry, Pages 175 & 176, #3-11

More practice using trigonometry ratios to
find missing sides

Plug in your angle and get your Tangent, Sine or
Cosine etc.

Helpful Trig Calculator (plug in an angle and a side and
get the rest!)

Wednesday:  Trigathalon begins:  Taking our first
measurements outside (dress warm!!)
Sine Tangent Cosine Practice

Thursday: Trigathalon continues:  Taking the rest of our
measurements outside (dress warm!!)
Finish Trigathalon Write-up

Friday:  Turn in Trigathalon Write-up

Quiz on finding missing sides and angles
using trigonometry ratios
Week of February 2-6, 2009

This week we began with Probability.  

Tuesday: Introduction to Probability (see tutorial
link below)

Wednesday: Unions and Intersections of
Independent Events (add probabilities when you
have Unions & multiply when you have an
Intersection)--Unions are "either-or"
probabilities.  Intersections are "and" or "both"
Homework: The two Edhelper Sheets that were
given out in class Wednesday morning.

Friday: Introducing Dependent Events: Events
that change the number of possible outcomes

Week of February 2-6, 2009

This week, we continued to review fractions, percents
and decimals.  Students will revise their Proportional
Reasoning Tests on Friday in class.

Next Week:  Trigathalon.  Extension of Ratios and
Proportions into Right Triangle Ratios.

Homework from Tuesday:
Percent Operations Practice
Percent Operations Tutorial

Homework from Wednesday:
Introduction to Probability
Probability Practice Sheet and Answer Key (This is an
alternative version of the one handed out in class.)

Preview Tutorials on Trigonometry and on Probability


Week of January 26-30, 2009

Extending Ratios and Proportions
to Geometry:  Practice with Tangents, Sines and
Homework: Due Wednesday: From the
"Amoeba Packet" on Trigonometry:  
p. 175: 5-8; p. 180/181: 5-8; p. 185: 5-8.  
TRIPLE Bonus opportunity:
Einstein Level (1 HW point for trying it,
3 for nailing it)
DUE Friday: Final Draft of Trigathalon

Coming Up: Wrap-up Introductory Trig Ratios
Extension; Next Week: Probability, Permutations
and Combinations!  See these links for previews

Week of January 26-30, 2009

 Fraction Operations Practice-Working with
Mixed Numbers
For students who focused upon Addition and
Subtraction ONLY in class, complete Set W

For students who also worked on Multiplication
Division, complete Set W:1-8; Set Y:1-9; Set Z:1-9

Friday: Multiplication and Division wrap-up, Conversion
of Decimals, Fractions and Percents amongst each

For more information on how to do these amazing math

Coming Up: Wrap-up Fraction/Decimal/Percent
Review and Revise Tests early in the week;
Also, kicking off Probability, Permutations and
Combinations!  See these links for previews

Link will soon appear here
March & April
Link will soon appear here
Link will soon appear here
May & June
Link will soon appear here
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