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Hints for Angry Wombat Cladogram added
(updated 3/19/11)
Answer Keys for Hole in the Head Cladogram
and Kitty Cat Cladogram Added to Science HW
(updated 3/17/11)
Science Homework
(updated 3/17/11)
Japanese Earthquake Info/News Links added
(updated 3/19/11)
Vocabulary Link Added
Geologic Time Links added
(updated 2/8/11)
Homework/Classwork Catchup Page Created!
(updated 2/1/11)
Corrected Emergence Video Link
Science Homework
(updated 1/9/11)
"Age of Things" Notes
(updated 12/14/10
Isotope Notes
(updated 12/13/10
Resources on Radioactive Dating and
Absolute Time added to
Science HW
(update 12/11/10)
Link to
Arsenic Bacteria discovery
Weird Life Form Discovery?  Check it out!

Earth Sciences Test Review Page
(more added 11/28/10--more to come soon!)
Journal Catch-up Link
(updated 11/19/10)
Resource Links for Field Guide Research!
(updated 10/31/10)
Western Massachusetts Gallery
(update 10/27/10)

Geology Vocab List
(update 10/4/10)

Link to my Youtube Channel (planetward)
(update 10/1/10)

Streamtable Lab Report Materials added to
Science HW Page 9/28/10

Gallery of Western Massachusetts Geology
(update December 17th, 2009)
Small update on March 13, 2010:

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McAuliffe Regional CPS
American Museum of Natural History
Evolution for Beginners

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No Snow Day
Today, but....
See a cool site about
the science of snow,
click me!
Bonus Homework #1
Bonus Homework #2
Videos for a Snow
Day->Bonus Homework
Click anywhere on the snowflake above or click
below to watch a snowflake growing in a lab:

Snowflake in progress
Animation of the movements of the
Earth's Magnetic Field from 1594 to 1980